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Title: The General Rules of PCW
Post by: NickRiot on March 19, 2011, 11:48:24 pm
Hello everyone,

My name is Nick, but I go by the pseudonym of Nick Riot. Back in my days of RP'ing, (And by that I mean 3)  that was my name. Anyway, that's not why you came here. You came here 'cuz you are interested in reading the rules of PCW. Well, for starters, PCW is a wrestling efed, or a fantasy pro wrestling league, where you create a wrestler, and write what is called a roleplay (in other words, a short story of sorts about a pro wrestler week by week, with incorporating the match that you are scheduled for). Now that we have that outta' the way, lets get started!

Rule 1 - Please show up

We all have lives, and **** does happen. But, please just send me a friendly PM stating that you can't RP, and I'll figure something out. However, if you decided to not PM me and no-show, then doing it once will result in a warning. The second time will have your wrestler inactive for a week of wrestling. Then, the third time, you'll be "Suspended" from PCW for a month. If you decide to No-Show 4 times (Which would be a record) Then, you'll be fired from PCW, and your account will be terminated with no warning. No-Showing is something I take serious, and I won't stand for.

Rule 2 - Roleplaying

This isn't a rule, more so a guideline. Basically, you can RP up to twice per show. If you want to RP more, feel free, but only your first two will count. However, if you and your opponent(s) want to RP against each other in the same topic continuously, just give me a heads up so I know via PM.


This is relatively simple. The term "Extreme Cursing" basically means by posting an RP that uses words such as "****", or "****"...Look we all love creativity, and that's why we're here. However, theres a fine line between tasteful, and tasteless. If you are confused on what would be acceptable, think about what WWE, or TNA uses on a weekly basis as an example. If you have any questions, just PM me, and I'll let ya know.

Rule 4 - No Spamming

Basic. Don't spam my board with your site, or anything else for that matter. Unless if I approve it, don't do it. I can't take that to be honest, and it can be quite the annoyance.

Rule 5 - Have Fun!

We're all here just to have a good time with it, and although the rules may seem somewhat strict, trust me, I'm a nice guy.

*Rules Subject to change*