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July 23, 2019, 04:48:10 am
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 on: March 23, 2011, 12:11:13 pm 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
From: 24wrestling.com:

click here

John Cena participated in a sitdown interview with Madison Square Garden correspondent Alex Iglesias prior to Saturday night’s RAW live event at the venue.

Cena said that while Shawn Michaels is his all-time favorite tag team partner, it took time for the two to become friends.

“He was one of those guys that – when I started – wasn’t too fond of me, but we ended up actually becoming really good friends,” Cena said. “The fact that I was fortunate enough to hold the Tag Team Championships, even though it was for a short amount of time, was my most memorable.”

Cena commented on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to WWE, saying: “I’ve wanted him to come back for five years now. I’m glad he’s finally back. I just hope he sticks around. I guess time will tell.”

Regarding Nicole “Snooki” Polazzi’s involvement at WrestleMania XXVII, he said, “I’ve seen her get in some crazy situations on that television show. She will be just fine. If she goes out there and is just herself, she will make a WrestleMania Moment.”

When asked if his wife gets upset with his strenuous road schedule with WWE, Cena said, “She does. But, we’ve known each other for quite some time. She knows that’s the way I’m built.”

He added that he prioritizes things as “work first and everything else will sort itself out.

 on: March 23, 2011, 12:06:02 pm 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
From PCW.net:

PCW.net has learned that it's flagship show, "PCW Wrestling" will be taking place the moment PCW has four to eight active wrestlers. More information will also be developed as the weeks progress.

 on: March 21, 2011, 05:06:13 pm 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
PCW.Net were honored to interview the one and only Nick Riot. Nick is a former Pro Wrestler himself, as well as a Heavyweight Champion.

PCW: So, what were your thoughts when you first started PCW?

NR: Honestly, I didn't think it was going to work. I had a general outline that didn't cover too much. It only covered the Arenas. But, once I started to get going, and my wheels started to turn, everything just sort of fell into place.

PCW: Where did you get the name "Pride Championship Wrestling?"

NR: I feel that in today's society, 70-85% of humans don't have nearly as much as what you would think, and that all they have is their Pride. [PCW] is built off of that same exact philosophy, generally because that's all I really have. I'm not exactly rich [laughs]. I'm just taking it one day at a time, counting my blessings, and continue to keep on truckin'.

PCW: Why does PCW only have one title for now?

NR: The general feeling to me is that since we haven't even had our first show, we can't do anything else. All we can do is just get the ball rolling, and taking it one step at a time. I'm a fair guy, and I vow to give the audience everything they want, just as long as they stick with me and the Wrestlers of PCW. I have a few ideas rolling in my head as to if and when another belt is out, but nothing to concrete yet.

PCW: Where did you find the staff?

NR: Well, Bob Holtz, who is our one and only referee is a close friend of mine who I've known since I was about fifteen or so. Which is kinda weird, since I'm only 19 right now. But, he's been a major help in terms of coming to his contract, and being the only ref and busting his ass. As for Jack Decker, he was an indy artist who was trying to make it, but decided to change it up and get into wrestling, which was a lifelong dream of his. It's safe to say he's doing that now.

PCW: You mentioned you being only 19 years young. How nerve-racking is that?

NR: Extremely nerve-racking. I mean, everyone here is older than me, and when you have a group like that, alot of people would just crumble under that pressure alone, but I don't see it like that. I see it like this; These guys are helping not just myself, but PCW, which is my thing. They want to help me put on the best show I can, and in hopes of becoming the best wrestling promotion on the planet.

PCW: In deciding PCW's schedule, how did you land on Tuesdays, and Saturdays for shows?

NR: Well, it was more so a matter of what would work out the best, and we sided with that schedule for a reason.  We all kind of figured that Tuesday would be best, and give our Wrestlers plenty of time to recover from partying on the weekend [Laughs]. As for Saturdays for Pay-Per-Views, we kind of just went with the flow I guess. I mean, all PPV's are on Sundays, and we're not like other wrestling companies. We are Pride Championship Wrestling, and no pun intended, but we're proud of that.

For me information, be sure to check back with PCW.net!

 on: March 21, 2011, 01:59:13 pm 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
Hey everyone, I realize that not everyone is an "Expert" in fedding, but I decided to create a thread showing you guys one of my RP's. This was on my last RP's. Definitley not my best work, but it was really the only one I could get my hands on to show you. Here it is:

It’s not a problem of mine. More so, of an obsession. I have never felt this way, nor have I ever in my wildest dreams would have thought the way of have. However, my perception is someone else’s deception.

Let’s watch this city burn. From the sky to the top of the world. And yet, we’re here alone…Let’s watch this city burn tonight….

Nick Riot is seen dressed up in his black tanktop, and his blue, faded denim Jeans, simply staring off into the clouds. He notices them pass one by one. Then, he slightly wears a smile for a brief second.

“This is it for me,” the former UWE Champion quietly says out loud. “This is it. There is no more tomorrow. I am here. I have to prove myself…To everyone.”

I feel as if I had let everyone down at one point. As if my arrest was…Was totally my fault. Which it was. I can’t take back my sins. However, I can only make up for them, and  continue.

“And Zen…”, Riot stated aloud. “This has only just begun between you and I…But it will end sooner than what you may think.”

Nick takes a look down at his read journal, with the word “Thoughts” written on the front with a black sharpie. He opens it up, and looks at the first clean page that he comes across.
Dear Journal,

I have considered myself to be trapped. Lost. Hopeless. As if, every direction I turn, every move I make…It’s all held under scrutiny. Everything I have ever worked for is gone, and lost. I am barely Nick Riot anymore.

As a matter of fact, am I Nick Riot? Am I the same Prophetic One who came to UWE with a goal? With a mission to entice the UWE Stars, and bring out their all? Am I still the same man who demolished Baine? Who defeated Chris Stalin for the UWE Championship?


Instead, I am more. I am more of a Prophecy now, than ever. And, it all starts with Zen.

He has been playing mind games. How do I know? Come on. I have played the same exact damn mind games on my opponents in the past. One minute showing up. The next minute, I’m under attack. No one knows Zen better than myself at this rate.

Remember the Riot Facts? The hugest prediction that I gave to everyone. Where, one Riot Fact might have been about their own personal hatred, or demise. Maybe, a Riot fact was based off of our own match, or something funny, yet intriguing.  Whatever the case was, the Riot Facts was the way of living for Nick Riot.

Here’s a Riot Fact for Zen.

Riot Fact # 87: Nick Riot…Will not bow to Zen.

He wants me to cave in. He wants me to lose my mind. The moment I do, is the moment he goes for the kill. Where I lose everything. I think this is Rock Bottom? It’s only a sample of what Zen is capable of.

It’s a game of Chess. And right now, for the time being? I’m the King. He’s the pawn. I’m scheming up a plan to capture him, and kick his ass the way Nick Riot can.  Zen is no more than a mere student of the game. Where he has a whole world of wisdom set, right into his very own beedy-little eyes.

I’m banking on his ever move. Every mistake. What he doesn’t know is that I’m studying him. Carefully. Nothing I say, or nothing I do may be good enough for my own life. However, I can tame a few things. Zen is on top of the whole list. He must have something up his sleeve. He likely does. What it is exactly, I don’t know.

And now…As if a form of redemption..This week on Showdown, I am taking on the one man who I defeated at Courage last year to win my first…and so far only…UWE Championship reign. Chris Stalin. The same man that took The Prophecy to his own limits. Where he left me in a pool of not just blood…But a pool of misery…And lost hope.

That one match said to have taken years…No…Decades…off of our careers. Albeit Chris has been wrestling longer than I…His career still shortened. His life is no longer the same. He can’t walk straight. I can’t look him dead in the eye, and tell him “I hurt you…I can do it again”…I can’t do that. All that I can do is look him in the face, give him the slight grin that only I, Nick Riot can…And say “One More Round, buddy”.

Chris and I took a short leave when UWE went on hiatus. We went to another promotion, had a very minor scuffle. Then what happened? He ran with his tail tucked between his legs, heading for the hills.  Bottom line, this isn’t three months ago, Chris. This is now. The time has come for one more match between us.

When you stare me down, and when that referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the fans are chanting “Prophecy”…You will be asking yourself one simple question…

“What did I get myself into?”

Look up into the sky. Watch the clouds play. Notice the life around you, Chris. Because soon? Soon it will be taken away. Within the next Showdown. Then, I don’t want to hear you udder the words “Nick Riot is nothing”. I don’t ever want to hear you brag again, Chris…Your loss…Is my reward. You should have known that the first time around..

I’m ready Chris. I have been counting down the days before we would get in the ring with one another again. And, I knew that the moment would come sooner, rather than later. I knew that everything was going to be put in place, and it wouldn’t have been long before you realized who The Prophecy is.

The fans cheer for me. Not  because of who I’m not. But because of who I am. And what I have done in the past. And, their love for me is as equal as my love for them. I go out there, I stand on the turnbuckle, pop my hips, and do my Nick Riot taunt…I’m in love with every moment of it, Chris.

It’s time to face the reality, and live the life you have. Not the one you don’t have. The life you don’t have? Is a life consisting of you only defeating Nick Riot in a UWE ring once. My life consists of me defeating you twice. For the Light Heavyweight, and for the World Heavyweight titles. In a “Winner take all” match.

I have an obsession in defeating you everytime Chris. Not because you’re an easy target. Not because it makes me feel better. But when it all comes down to it…You are your own demise. You are the one who continues to run his mouth. The one who causes all of your own pain. And fate. And yet, you sit there, blaming others. You tell yourself It was a fluke…What was a fluke, Chris? The fact that I beat you..Twice? For titles?

Flukes do not occur that easily. They never do, in fact. I have beaten you fair and square. I have battled you an unprecedented amount of times. Don’t act like you have the upper hand.

Or, do you think that because I have Zen on my back? Don’t forget something, Chris…I am a former Champion, such as yourself. I know what to expect from the likes of Zen. I know what to do. Where to turn. A Prophet thrives on opportunities.

Opportunities to show the world who is in the wrong. And who is in the right. And, this Prophecy? Is in the right. And, he has the right come Showdown to show Chris Stalin, as well as Zen why he was a UWE Champion.

Okay, take note. Your RP's do NOT have to be that long. That one was 4 pages or so in Word. If your RP is one paragraph, fine. If it's 100 pages, fine. That said, I likely won't read it if it's that long. Anyway, this was an example. As you can tell, I incorporated my character (Nick Riot)'s life, as well as storylines into it.

If you need questions getting started, PM me.

 on: March 21, 2011, 01:37:04 pm 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
There has been a lot of deciding on my part as to what I would like the theme for the flagship show of PCW to be. I've heard songs from Hollywood Undead, Chevelle, Jimmy Eat World, Tool, and many more. However, the winner is....


 on: March 20, 2011, 01:28:23 am 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
Nick Riot: Matt Hardy/ "Undead" by Hollywood Undead

 on: March 20, 2011, 01:24:55 am 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
Yes, I know they're two different services, but Netflix was arguably the best service I have had. I had GameFly for quite a long time, but 16 bucks a month for 1 game just wasn't worth it. Whats worse is that I found myself playing that same game forever, so it'd be cheaper to just buy it, rather than rent. Atleast with Netflix it's 8 bucks a month for unlimited streaming to a PS3, Wii, 360, and Computer..Plus more.


 on: March 20, 2011, 01:22:50 am 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot

 on: March 20, 2011, 01:16:29 am 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot
                                                                         PCW Calendar - 2011

PCW TV results will be posted every Tuesday, and PPV results will be posted  Saturday, however they may be posted on a Fridy, due to scheduling.


4.5 - PCW TV
4.12 - PCW TV
4.19 - PCW TV
4.30 - PCW Presents: PCW "Hypnosis" live from the PCW Arena in Cleveland, Ohio!


5.3 - PCW TV
5.10 - PCW TV
5.17 - PCW TV
5.28 - PCW Presents: PCW "May Madness" live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia!


6.7- PCW TV
6.14 - PCW TV
6.21 - PCW TV
6.28 -  PCW presents: PCW "Heatstroke" live from the Manhattan Center in New York, New York!


7.5 - PCW TV
7.12 - PCW TV
7.19 PCW TV
7. 30 - PCW presents: PCW "Slice of Paradise" live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee!


8.2 - PCW TV
8.9 - PCW TV
8.16 - PCW TV
8.27 - PCW presents: PCW "No Limits" live from the DCU Center in Worchester, Massachusetts!


9.6 - PCW TV
9.13 - PCW TV
9.20 - PCW TV
9. 30 - PCW presents: PCW "September Day" live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York!


10.4 - PCW TV
10. 11 - PCW TV
10. 18 - PCW TV
10. 29 - PCW presents: PCW "Hollows Ball" live from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey!


11.1 - PCW TV
11.8 - PCW TV
11.15 - PCW TV
11.26 - PCW presents : PCW November Reign live from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida!


12.6 - PCW TV
12.13 - PCW TV
12.20 - PCW TV
12.31 - PCW Presents: PCW "Holiday Hell" live from the PCW Arena in Cleveland, Ohio!

 on: March 20, 2011, 12:50:49 am 
Started by NickRiot - Last post by NickRiot



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